This is a dead simple bookmarks app that lets you save the links on your device on the go.

I built LinkSnatch because I wanted something really simple to save links that I wanted to read later. I didn't want to have to sign up for an account, I didn't want to have to install a browser extension, and I (definitely) didn't want to have to use a bookmarking service that was going to track me. I wanted something pretty straight-forward that just works. And here I am!

The app is fairly opinionated and comes with a set of bare minimum features I would need:

  • No signup needed.
  • A beautiful interface with minimal distractions.
  • Extracts URL metadata using jsonlink.io and saves it to the browser's local storage.
  • Save and search links all from a single place.
  • Dark mode.
  • It doesn't track you.
  • It's open source.

I started building it to solve my own itch but later realized that someone might be in need of something like this. And so, I decided to set it free out in the wild!

Crafted with ❤️ by Amit Merchant